CRM loyalty building is a key deliverable of investment in customer relationship management tools. The right system in the right hands can transform the levels of engagement that NFPs can reach with donors, beneficiaries and members.

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How do NFPs achieve loyalty?

CRM builds loyalty for charities and membership organisation through improved, data-driven communications – the right message at the right time to the right people.

1. CRM systems give you the data you need

Data is at the heart of effective CRM. Records including donations, activities, event attendance and communications give you a 360o view of stakeholders.

2. Send targeted communications automatically

Remove repetitive tasks such as compiling email and newsletter mailing lists by setting up your system to trigger communications to donors and members.

3. Manage Subscriptions

Manage membership subscriptions and repeat donations with data-driven CRM, to maximise cashflow into your organisation.  

4. Learn about your constituents

Understand your donors, members and volunteers and measure satisfaction through CRM-generated surveys and feedback forms.  

5. Excel at customer service

Use your CRM system to manage and react to complaints, compliments and any other service issues. 

How Mast helps with CRM

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CRM loyalty with Mast

How to use data to keep customers loyal

Mast consultants are experts in CRM systems and databases, including Salesforce, iMIS, Donorfy, OpenEngage and Care NG. We share over 100 years’ experience of working with leading charities, membership organisations and Royal Colleges, much of it gained as part of those organisations. We combine extensive knowledge of the technologies available together with inside experience of the challenges of working in the NFP sector.

We listen, review, propose, implement and train

Our approach to CRM and loyalty begins with understanding your organisation and your people. We are always keen to understand the issues that exist with existing systems and workflows, and we propose solutions which are often based on technology upgrades rather than full system replacements. We also examine the way your organisation works, and recommend process improvements to help you achieve your CRM goals.

We help you achieve CRM loyalty results

Our CRM solutions are measured by the success they achieve for your organisation. We will help you assess revenue growth, donor/member acquisition and retention, event participation and engagement. We will equip you with dashboards which give key performance indicators across the organisation as management overviews and operational reports. As a result, you can take the actions you need to increase loyalty.

We work with you beyond initial CRM projects

Our services are available to you beyond initial projects. We train staff for the launch of upgrades and new technology, and undertake further training for new team members and technology upgrades. We also work with clients on future developments of their CRM systems as their needs change. Mast consultants are on hand to support our clients on new projects but also on issues such as crisis management for charities.    

“The GCC was in need of some expert support in extracting data from a predecessor CRM system.  Mast were able to carry this out for us in a professional, timely and conscientious way.  Their team provided appropriate support throughout the process and this was a good experience for us.”

Richard Kavanagh, Project Manager, General Chiropractic Council

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