Mast are experts in CARE-NG databases

We work with over 20% of the NG customer base, and we are a trusted consultancy partner of Advanced-NFP, the developers of NG systems. Our experts have decades of experience as NG developers and users, enabling them to conduct successful implementations, reviews and upgrades.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our experts understand the challenges faced by the NFP sector. Our specialist consultants know NG databases inside out, and we focus on getting the right configuration and processes for your individual organisation.

What are the benefits of Care NG?

  • Donor and supporter management and profiling

  • Cloud-based and accessible for users in all locations

  • Flexible configuration to match to your needs

  • Regulation (including GDPR) compliant

Mast solutions for NG database problems

We help leading UK non-profit organisations implement and upgrade their NG database systems. Our expertise is as valuable for organisations configuring a new charity CRM system, and for those who have been using CARE NG software for years.

We solve the problems of changing requirements and ensuring all the information you need is at your finger-tips. We are also experts in tailoring NG functionality and in creating more efficient online processes.

We follow a phased process to manage budgets by breaking down the costs and spreading them over time, helping to overcome any potential financial issues or budget constraints

What is Care NG?

The Care NG CRM is a cloud-based database system following the success of Care to help charities and nonprofits to engage with donors and supporters, and in turn, maximise revenues. It benefits from incorporating the Microsoft.NET Framework, allowing for fast deployment and integration with third party software and tools. Data from every touchpoint is collected within a single, unified database and can be accessed by users of the CRM.

How MAST can help users of Care NG

  • Care NG Implementation

    Our highly-experienced consultants understand full system implementations of NG. We offer support to in-house teams on meeting deadlines and potential problem areas such as data migration. We can help balance the priorities of different departments, while maintaining a focus on the overall needs of your organisation. We are very familiar with the common challenges and system pitfalls, and know the best way to address them.

  • Care NG Reviews

    We will conduct a full system review of your NG database to look at how you’re using the system to manage donor and fundraiser information, handle donations, subscriptions, event management, bulk mailings, marketing and more. We will also review how you’re using NG to produce reports and retrieve information you need quickly. Our expert consultants will then present recommendations for improving and tailoring your NG database for your specific charity or NFP organisation.

  • Care NG Reviews

    It’s really important to keep your CRM system updated to ensure you’re making the most of its newest features, and you’re using the most appropriate version. The upgrade process can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if you haven’t upgraded for a while. Our team of specialist NG consultants have the expertise and extensive experience required to carry out installations, tests and deployment of new versions smoothly, and with minimum disruption to the daily running of your organisation.

CARE-NG Data Migration Success Story

We contracted Mast to create an application to extract embedded documents from our CARE Contacts database. They were knowledgeable, helpful and professional at all times and worked with us to deliver the application to a tight deadline within budget.

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