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Integra is part of the suite of CRM and membership management software developed under the NG banner. We work with over 20% of the NG customer base, and we are a trusted consultancy partner of Advanced-NFP, the developers of NG systems. Our experts have decades of experience as NG developers and users, enabling them to conduct successful implementations, reviews and upgrades.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our experts understand the challenges faced by the NFP sector. Our specialist consultants know NG systems, including Integra, inside out.

MAST ICT solutions for IntegraNG database problems

IntegraNG software covers many aspects of subscriptions, fundraising and membership management. We are able to provide expert advice on optimising your use of IntegraNG, by adding new functionality. We can also review your organisation’s processes to make best use of the software.

However, users who wish to upgrade need to move to OpenEngage, the new name for Integra. OpenEngage offers significant extra functionality and usability improvements such as refreshable results, bulk data updates, enhanced reports, faster performance and configurable screens.

Our expert team also provides dedicated training on Integra and OpenEngage system improvements and upgrades, allowing your staff to make full use of the capabilities of your system.

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