How did Mast become Donorfy experts?

As founding partners of Donorfy, we have been involved in the design and development of the easy-to-use and affordable donor database software from the start. Our involvement gives us extensive, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the technology, and enables us to help you get the most out of the system, including complex implementations and data migrations.

Our specialist consultants are highly experienced in implementing and integrating Donorfy for charities and fundraising organisations which are looking for a low cost and low maintenance donor management solution.

What is Donorfy?

Donorfy is a cloud-based, scalable CRM system designed to help small and medium sized charities manage donor details and fundraising information. As a fully cloud-based system, everything is handled for you including system upgrades and system backups. Fundraisers and other staff can access their donor details, campaign management and stewardship programmes from wherever they are, whether they use a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

What are the benefits of Donorfy?

The Donorfy system can be integrated with other cloud-based apps such as MailChimp, Eventbrite, Stripe, GoCardless, JustGiving and many more, making it an exceptionally flexible and scalable system. Donorfy can be set up for specific business needs and processes, and can be scaled up as your charity or not-for-profit organisation grows.

  • Ready made for fundraising

  • Able to process and manage high volumes of data

  • Allows for charities to manage and track income

  • Low cost

  • Simple to use and automate

  • Regulation (including GDPR) compliant

  • Easily integrated with third party software

How Mast can help users of Donorfy Cloud Based CRM

Donorfy Implementations

The Donorfy implementation process is quick and simple with set-up workshops conducted either on-site or via remote screen-sharing sessions. Our set-up workshops allow our expert consultants to recommend the best way for your organisation to use the Donorfy database software, and to identify the specific features and functions you require. We can also help you transfer your data from your old database system or spreadsheets to Donorfy, using the Donorfy API for more complex data migrations.

Donorfy Reviews

We will carry out ‘surgery sessions’ either face-to-face or online to discuss how you can get the most out of your Donorfy system, answer any IT related questions and suggest any potential solutions to optimise your current processes. For example, we’ll analyse how you’re using your system at the moment to produce reports and generate dashboards, and identify possible integrations that might improve the automation of your processes, such as MailChimp, EventBrite and JustGiving.

Donorfy Updates

As an entirely cloud-based CRM software for charities, all upgrades, new model deployments and data backups for Donorfy are managed and implemented automatically. Donorfy is also completely scalable, meaning if your organisation expands, the system can adapt and grow with you.

Three reasons to choose Donorfy

  • Easy implementation process, low cost and low maintenance cloud-based affordable donor database software.

  • New, modern and simple design and technology that is powerful and easily integrated with other systems.

  • Donorfy training sessions from MAST tailored to your specific business processes, held either on-site, online or via short videos.

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