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At Mast we have over 100 years’ combined experience helping membership organisations get the most from their database. We work with a wide range of Membership organisations, from locally focussed associations, to national bodies which are household names.

  • We consult

    We gain a full understanding of your organisation’s goals.

  • We recommend

    We base solutions on our expertise in Membership systems.

  • We implement

    We deliver upgrades and new systems on schedule and on budget

Our core membership database consultancy services

As specialists in membership databases, we know the importance of databases for professional bodies, trades unions, clubs and other not-for-profit associations. We focus on our clients’ goals, and deliver our services with open, clear, jargon-free communication. We offer technical expertise on membership database software and the best way to organise and use the data you hold. Our consultancy services enable organisations to increase membership and retain members.

Database Reviews

We analyse in-depth the structure and capability of your database and how it is used.

Database Upgrades

We advise on upgrades to bring your existing database up to the level you require.

Database Automation

By automating database processes and outputs you can save staff time, effort and costs.

Implementation Services

We manage the installation, testing and deployment of new fundraising software.

Employee Database Training

We offer bespoke training to ensure your staff make full use of your database.

Membership Database Reviews

By conducting full database reviews, we address the concerns and barriers you are experiencing and produce a detailed report documenting our professional recommendations for areas of improvement.



We use our database reviews to determine how well our clients’ databases measure up to their goals. They provide a basis for our recommendations for taking the next steps, whether it’s plug-ins, upgrades or complete new systems. 

  • Technical set-up

  • Database structure

  • Database migration

  • User access and permissions

  • Data output and reporting

  • Identify barriers such as access to information you need

  • Itemise all limitations of current system

  • A clear basis for future development

  • Detailed recommendations

Membership Database Upgrades

We help charities and fundraisers upgrade to new versions of their database software, allowing them to take advantage of new functionality. Our experienced team of expert consultants anticipate the common pitfalls and recurring challenges involved.


We help you discover your CRM system’s full potential, uncovering additional opportunities and functionalities, refining your processes, removing duplication of effort and linking systems to ensure the information you need is at your finger-tips.

  • Specify and install software upgrades

  • Test to ensure smooth operation

  • Deploy to the live environment

  • Realisation of the full potential of existing databases

  • Improved use of existing functionality for better processes

  • Improved availability of information


Having spent many years working within the third sector, we appreciate the uncertainties of taking on a new database system and the impact it can have internally and externally.


We have worked on a host of database implementations for some of the UK’s leading membership organisations and Royal Colleges. We work on-site during your implementation to ensure good communication is kept throughout and that nothing is overlooked.

  • Installation and testing of new software by Mast experts

  • Open communication with clients throughout projects

  • New functionality ready for immediate use

Database Training

Our training programmes are designed to ensure your staff maximise the potential of your database and make use of new functionalities following a database review or upgrade.

We understand that businesses change and grow and your membership database needs to be flexible enough to adapt to the new requirements. It’s therefore crucial that your staff receive the correct training to be able to best utilise the system for optimal working.

  • Bespoke training with Mast database experts

  • Training delivered by Mast experts or handed over to clients

  • Phased training programmes for larger project

  • Optimum use of your data

  • Staff understand full potential of database

  • Efficient working

Membership Database Automation

We understand how valuable your time is and can help you cut down on time-consuming and repetitive tasks by implementing database automation.

There are a wide number of powerful automation tools available, helping you to free up employee time and resources, increase accuracy, and improve ROI and reduce costs.

We help you to refine your business processes database automation and discover the full potential of your database.

  • Avoid repetitive data tasks and processes

  • Free up staff time and resources

  • More accurate reporting

  • Reduce costs

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