Did you know that Donorfy comes with a powerful tool that with the programming know-how of Mast allows your organisation to add, update or delete data in bulk?  The Donorfy API (Application Programming Interface) allows other systems to talk to Donorfy and manipulate the data held by the system.  Many other online systems also have their own APIs, for example PayPal and JustGiving.  The Donorfy API can be combined with these APIs to provide custom integrations between Donorfy and other systems.

Mast have used the Donorfy API combined with the API of Brushfire, an event booking system, to provide an integration for our clients, LIFE Church.  Brushfire holds details of an event attendee’s contact details and contact preferences.  Donorfy holds details of constituents, including a history of activities, and contact preferences. 

Brushfire Event Booking system:


Mast have written a program that allows LIFE Church to match the event attendees from Brushfire to constituents from Donorfy.  If a matching constituent is found, the details are updated.  If not, a new constituent is added.  This uses the Brushfire API to retrieve information, and the Donorfy API to check, add and update information.

Brushfire API

Donorfy API – Constituent

Donorfy API – Activity

Donorfy API – Settings

To do the matching, we use the following process to look at whether the attendee exists as constituent

  1. Search via email address
  2. Search via postal code
  3. Search via phone number
  4. Search via town
  5. If matches are found
    • Confirm an exact match by saved Event ID and Attendee ID on Constituent’s activity record
    • Try and match on name, sorting by closest matches
    • Give user an option to reject all matches and insert new record

Finally, in Donorfy, there will be a constituent with:

Donorfy has tools to allow data from spreadsheets to be uploaded in bulk, but the API provides a powerful, and much more customizable alternative to this.  Data from one system can either automatically feed in to Donorfy, or a bespoke middle layer can be written to allow user checking and intervention.

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