As Salesforce release their Spring 21 updates this month, we thought we’d pick out 5 useful new features that you may wish to take advantage of:

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Salesforce Meetings

Providing integrated video conferencing

Salesforce Meetings is designed to help internal employees with their engagements with customers and members.  With Covid-19 changing how nearly every organisation holds meetings, “Salesforce Meetings” is being introduced at the perfect time.

The new functionality integrates with popular video conferencing tools (Zoom and Google Meet), providing a Salesforce interface to employees. You will always be prepared with the most up-to-date information for your meetings and presentations, as they are seamlessly held where your data is held – directly in Salesforce.

You can view all attendees (along with their biographies), related records and a customer history. Post meeting, users can log any relevant notes, as well as schedule follow up meetings.

Salesforce Surveys

Creating engaging, easy-to-use surveys with a simple editor to collect feedback and information from your users or customers

You can easily embed and host Salesforce Surveys on your website via an iframe, ensuring it gets maximum visibility. Alternatively, you can target specific participants and send reminders to complete the survey. You can send surveys to leads, contacts, and members of your Salesforce org, whilst also automating survey reminders.

In-App Learning

Complete Trailhead modules without leaving the Salesforce app, thanks to In-App Learning with Trailhead.

Admins or designated trainers can add relevant Trailhead modules to the learning panel, matching the content to the context where your users encounter it. Users can read the content, take the quizzes, and earn the badges in the Salesforce app.

Adding contextual learning to Salesforce will allow new users to up-skill faster, as well as allowing experienced users to learn new skills as they work. This functionality will help to improve training, whilst reducing relying on internal Administrators for general questions.

Loyalty Management

Designing a customized Loyalty Management programme for your organisation providing flexibility to change as your engagement changes

Loyalty Management is built on the Salesforce platform, so organisations can design a variety of different programmes that meet their unique needs.

Whether that is a tiered membership programme or points-per-donation, organisations can flexibly configure rewards programmes.

Users can target different segments of their member base to ensure that offerings feel unique and customised.

Organisations can measure programme performance, member acquisition and engagement, and partner performance in a dashboard. As customer needs change, Loyalty Management allows users to determine the best path forward and to adjust their programmes, based on real-time data.

Loyalty Management will be generally available in February 2021 as an add-on to Salesforce.

Permission Set Reporting

Reporting on user access to tools and functions, rather than having to check each user manually

A permission set is a collection of settings and permissions that gives users access to various tools and functions.

The settings and permissions in permission sets are also found in profiles, but permission sets extend users’ functional access without changing their profiles. Additional rights can be given to individual users without the need to create multiple, but slightly different profiles.

This functionality is extremely powerful when controlling user access but could be very tricky to manage. This was due to permission sets not being exposed in reports. Now, you can easily work out who’s been assigned what permissions, without manually checking individual users.

This functionality is available now as part of the Salesforce Labs app, and can be downloaded here.

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