The Salesforce platform is now established as a leading CRM solution for nonprofits.

Why? The answers include:

  • Salesforce is easy-to-use, with tailor made solutions for NFPs of all kinds 
  • The platform provides comprehensive data management and reporting
  • It is accessible across your entire organisation from any location
  • Integration with a huge range of applications is straightforward

Salesforce for Charities

The power of Salesforce is seen in the results achieved by charities and fundraisers using the platform. Salesforce users report a 31% increase in donor retention and a 31% decrease in costs. What would those figures mean for your organisation?

As registered Salesforce partners, MAST consultants have far-reaching expertise in assessing whether Salesforce is right for your organisation, and in implementing tailor made Salesforce solutions for NFPs.

How do non-profits achieve their goals with Salesforce?

Charities, fundraisers and membership organisations need to operate efficiently, and that means making optimum use of technology. Choosing Salesforce has delivered tangible, sometimes dramatic, improvements for thousands of NFPs.

Keep all your data in one place

Salesforce keeps current information about donors, volunteers, events, finances and more in one place. As a result, your dashboards and reports can give you the detail you need to drive your organisation forward.

Take the burden off your in-house IT team

As a cloud-based platform, software and storage is managed by Salesforce. Your authorised users always have access to the latest version, with secure storage and back-ups.

Automate and raise more funds

Salesforce automates communication and fundraising programmes, and cuts out duplication of effort such as re-keying data and manually repeating campaign set-ups. It’s a proven way of increasing engagement, donations and subscriptions.

Salesforce helps NFPs help their clients

  • Get data working for you and your clients

    Data is at the heart of charities and membership organisations. Information about donors, members, volunteers and supporters give essential insights into how, what and when to communicate. Open rates, feedback, event attendance, subscription renewals and donations tell you how effectively you are engaging with stakeholders. Ultimately, it is data – facts and figures – that show how well your organisation is working. Salesforce allows you to put your data in one place, and to keep it accurate and up to date. That’s what you need for reports that lead to effective, efficient actions.

  • Automate and streamline processes

    A move to Salesforce for nonprofits involves a review of processes and resources. Potentially it involves significant organisational change, and a renewed approach to working practices. The platform can be set up to simplify processes such as data capture, campaign building and reporting. It also enables information to be shared easily and to break down the silos responsible for inefficiencies and weak internal communications. At Mast we help with Salesforce on a technical level, as well as with the organisational changes you may need to go through to optimise the way you work.

  • Choose a scalable and custom-made solution

    With over 47,000 Salesforce non-profit users, the development resources behind the platform are way ahead of any other CRM technology. There are multiple options for getting started, including free trials, deep discounts and complementary subscriptions. The Nonprofit Success Pack opens the door on Salesforce’s far-reaching ability to develop relationships and raise funds. However you begin with Salesforce, the platform can be configured to your exact requirements as they develop. Integration with mainstream Microsoft programmes is simple, as well as with multiple apps from specialist developers, including payment solutions. With a fast-growing user base, the future for Salesforce looks brighter than ever.

  • See how Salesforce helps achieve your mission

    Your data is in perfect order, your processes have been streamlined and your Salesforce set-up is just what you need. But what happens next? Your communications and campaigns set up in Salesforce will tell you about the impact of the platform. Are more constituents interacting with your organisation? Are donations and volunteer numbers going up? Are your costs per £ raised going down? We are confident that when correctly set up, Salesforce delivers great results. But don’t rush into this brave new world. Think through what you need, about roles and responsibilities, and about how the technology will help you achieve your mission.

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At a glance guide to Salesforce for non-profits

Getting started with Salesforce

  • Easy to access, pre-configured technology – no IT development work required
  • Easy to use for non-technical staff
  • Minimal initial training required
  • Simple to set up automated programmes and campaigns
  • Intuitive interface aids user learning
  • Straightforward integration with mainstream programmes including core Microsoft products
  • Fast, accurate dashboards and reports
  • Free trials available

Using Salesforce as your organisation develops

  • Can be scaled for growing organisations
  • Latest version and upgrades automatically available – no local drive installations
  • Accessible from anywhere on desktop and portable devices including smart phones
  • Shared access for authorised colleagues and partners
  • Simple integration with multiple apps with new apps continually released
  • A platform for CRM, payments and complete organisational management
  • A potential step change for forward-looking non profits

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