What do your Supporters and Donors expect?

Charity CRM exists alongside the highly-developed and expensively resourced CRM systems we all see in businesses and commercial organisations. From a charity point of view, we believe the aim should be to deliver the best possible experience for supporters and donors, without over-stretching available funding and resources. 

That is where our experience comes in. For example, we have seen that it is often far more cost-effective to upgrade existing systems rather than to invest in new CRM technology.

Our approach to CRM for Charities is to:

  • Understand the way each charity operates, its priorities, and its staff

  • Review the capabilities and resource requirements of the existing CRM system

  • Identify the gap between what the CRM system delivers and what the charity requires

  • Recommend fully costed solutions for bridging the gap (including upgrades and plug-ins)

  • Implement recommendations as required

  • Train staff to make best use of the upgraded (or new) system

For Charities our focus is closely aligned with our approach to CRM for other NFP sectors:

  • Real-time information

  • Dashboards and Reporting

  • Automation – letters, emails, updating records

  • Integration with other third-party products

  • Development for future needs

  • Automation – letters, emails, updating records

  • Data accuracy on donor Income at individual, regional and national level

  • Donor status including Subscription giving – New, Active, Lapsed, Cancelled

  • Fundraisers and events

  • Beneficiary status and benefits given

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