How we help charities and NFPs with Microsoft Dynamics

Mast consultants have first-hand experience of working in charities and membership organisations, including the challenges faced by Not-For-Profit organisations. We have in-depth knowledge of how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be successfully implemented, and of the advantages it brings to multiple aspects of an organisation’s work.

We start with a thorough review of your current approach to CRM, and talk to key individuals and system users to identify the gap between what you are doing and what you want to do. We then map out the way in which Microsoft Dynamics can close that gap, using 3rd party software integration as necessary. We assess the practical options for integration with your legacy systems to minimise costs and change to your workflows.

The scalability and resources behind Dynamics mean it is a technology you can expect to be supported far into the future. Microsoft is also very committed to making their products increasingly accessible and relevant to charities and NFPs. It is therefore no surprise that Dynamics is being adopted as part of the longer term strategies of many leading NFP organisations.

Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM right for your organisation?

Microsoft Dynamics offers a far-reaching range of capabilities for managing multiple aspects of reporting, analysis and communications for NFPs. It provides insight into the behaviour of supporters, members and volunteers, and helps improve the relevance and targeting of all manner of communications.    Dynamics CRM is based on optimising the use of data. For NFPs data needs to cover details of donors, members, supporters, volunteers and other collaborators. For each individual in each category there are further layers of relevant data, from contact details to financial contributions, event attendance, date of joining or leaving and much more. 

Does Microsoft Dynamics provide actionable data?

With the right data and reports, organisations can generate communications which increase engagement by being targeted, timely and relevant to the individual who receives them. Dynamics can be configured to provide an intelligent view of what to send, who to send it to, and when to send it. Dynamics has a growing global NFP user base, so 3rd party developers are continually writing software and apps for specific NFP functions. Ease of integration is a key consideration for these developers, and you will find plenty of options for tailoring your Dynamics CRM to your exact requirements.    

Why you should consider MS Dynamics

  • For a complete view of interaction by supporters, donors and members.

  • For targeted communications which increase engagement

  • For managing income from different sources

  • For events management, planning and reviews

  • For Gift Aid revenues

  • For third party software integration

  • For GDPR compliance

  • For cloud-based access at any time from anywhere

  • For data security

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