With our in-house NFP database consultants and a network of professional CRM training experts, we develop learning programmes bespoke to your organisation

As experienced consultants all with a background in the Third Sector ourselves, we understand the importance and functionalities required of your CRM system as well as the many challenges faced. Our team of dedicated experts work openly to ensure your staff are accessing the full potential of your CRM, fundraising or membership database system.

All actions and deliverables are outlined clearly from the beginning so we are all on the same page and working towards achieving the same goals. We follow a phased approach to our implementation service, allowing you to control all aspects of the configuration, track the progress of your data migration and ensure critical management and operations reporting data extracts are available from day one.

We understand what is required to deliver effective training programmes and always maintain good communication throughout, to ensure you are getting the best from your CRM system for your specific business needs.

  • Data migration

    Fully documented and easily tracked data migration process that is delivered on-time and to-budget. Our bespoke training programmes use your own business data to ensure all staff understand how to best utilise their CRM system.

  • Dashboards

    We provide customised training programmes to ensure staff make best use of their CRM or fundraising system dashboards for optimal working – including tracking objectives, budgets and campaign ROI.

  • Reporting

    It’s important that staff know how to utilise the reporting functionalities of their CRM system properly in order to see an overview of their database as well as easily analyse and keep track of their progress.

  • Segmentation

    We help you to segment your database to allow you to identify and communicate with the different types of supporter, volunteer or member of your database, as well as organise and optimise your records.

  • Integration

    Integration of multiple systems ensures full database control. Following systems integration, our training programmes are designed to help staff adjust to new functionalities and processes with minimum disruption.

  • Automation

    Automation is an extremely time saving feature that cuts down the need for duplicate or repetitive tasks. Our programmes train staff to recognise the opportunity for automation and the process in which is needed to set up within their CRM system.

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